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Ambres – a unique phenomena in Sweden

A 3000 year old consciousness that speaks through a simple carpenter?
Yes, to the Guldbagge awarded director Anders Grönros ("Agnes Cecilia" and "Glasblåsarns barn") and his team, that could actually be true. Ambres is visited by hundreds of people every year who wants to listen to his message of love and his knowledge about life. In this personal documentary, the viewers will meet Sture Johansson, the carpenter who has lived with Ambres by his side since 1976.

Sture Johansson got his international renommé in the 80’s when Shirley McLaine went to the little village in Värmland to meet Ambres, and then wrote about him in her autobiography Out On A Limb. She also shot some of the scenes here, for the movie with the same name. It created quite a stir in the media and since then Sture has avoided all publicity. But he felt confident with Anders Grönros, when they met  in 2003, and said yes to the making of this documentary. 

Anders Grönros  seeks in this quiet documentary through his meeting with Sture and Ambres to understand what it is all about. He wants to challenge his own comprehension of reality and tell us about the phenomena without giving a certain answer - it is up to every person who sees the movie to form his or her own opinion. During an hour we get to alternately meet Sture, the simple carpenter in his everyday life, and Ambres that speaks straight into the camera about his message of self-knowledge. Ambres wants to help us find the beautiful wisdom we all carry deep inside, to see who we really are behind the roles we play. It is all different kinds of people - actors, businessmen, workers, doctors, priests - that on a regular basis meets with Ambres to be a part of his teachings of life.

- It got me really curious that so many competent people have been listening to Ambres through the years, says Anders Grönros. Who is this old man? That knows the meaning of our lifes? That it is for real and not an actor was totally clear after our first meeting...

The idea of the documentary came from Hans Ljungqvist, a psychologist and one of the foremost authorities in Sweden on esoteric knowledge.

- The phenomena of Ambres is something unique, says Hans Ljungqvist. The closest we have in our Swedish history is the philosofer, theolog and scientist of nature Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772).

The film "Ambres" was shown on SVT2 sunday 25th november 2007